Idea Design Studio finds it intriguing that people can keep doubting their ability to create a life changing invention. While there can only be one person who invents each thing, there are so many ides out there that can change the world. Idea Design Studio takes a look back at some of the top inventions from 2106.

A true response to a need was Jeff Woolf’s folding bike helmet. While everyone knows why bike helmet are important, people still don’t wear them. Woolf discovered that it’s mostly because they are thick and bulky and don’t fit well into backpacks or other bags. As an engineer, he was able to create a bike helmet made from interweaved plastics that was safe enough to meet European and US safety requirements and was flexible enough to fold.

Parents everywhere will rejoice when hearing about the no-touch thermometer. After wrestling with sick children to determine if they do actually have a fever, the traditional methods of under-the-tongue thermometers are quite outdated. Infrared technology is now being used to measure core body temperature quickly and precisely. The leader of the pack is Arc’s InstaTemp, recently approved by the FDA. It takes 2.5 seconds and also has colors that correspond with the reading. A true gift for parents everywhere.

Keeping in line with inventions that make things easier instead of just new things, the Dyson Supersonic hit the market this year. Improving upon regular hair dryers Dyson’s Supersonic is stronger, softer hair dryer. It has a jet-engine-like motor that reaches ultrasonic speed and is inaudible to the human ear. Its design multiplies air flow and it is gentle. While not cheap, it is a great hair dryer.

Whether your idea is brand new or a modification on something already established, Idea Design Studio can help with all the details.