Idea Design Studio is always looking for new and creative inventions, and one that has caught our eye is the ClickPack Pro, by Korin Design. ( In today’s age of hectic travel, you want to keep your things safe and secure, and the ClickPack Pro is perfect for that.

The ClickPack Pro is a backpack that is designed to prevent any theft. Perfect for any traveler, or somebody trying to prevent their things from being stolen, the ClickPack Pro features triple anti-theft security measures. With a retractable metal wire lock and explosion proof zipper, the ClickPack Pro can protect your valuable items from any kind of tampering. The bag itself is made out of polymer fabric, polyester silk and military glass fiber, making it 40% stronger than Kevlar and 2x stronger than carbon fiber.

RFID magnetic strips keep any credit cards secure, and the ClickPack has double layer rain protection, to keep your items dry. With 5 major pockets and logos showing you where to keep your items, it’s easier than ever to pack all the items that you need. Featuring specific pockets with double packing protection for tablets, cell phones, laptops, and other electronic items lets you pack them with stability and safety in mind. The ClickPack Pro also lets you power your devices while you wear it, which can be perfect for when you travel with it and need to charge a phone.

Idea Design Studio loves the work done by Korin Design, and think that the ClickPack Pro is such an awesome and innovative idea. Idea Design Studio has been at the top of the invention, design, and marketing world for the last decade, and is always looking for products like this to inspire us. For more information about Idea Design Studio, check out “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland”, premiering in 2017 on Fox News Network 9 and Bloomberg International TV.